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  • Electrify your metabolism
  • Feel more energized
  • Accelerate your weight loss


  • Support your lipid profile
  • Maintain overall health
  • Support your blood chemistry


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  • 15 Capsules of truCONTROL
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  • 60 Capsules of truCONTROL
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30 Day Pack

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  • 60 Capsules of truFIX
  • 60 Capsules of truCONTROL
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Control Kit

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  • 60 Capsules of truFIX
  • 60 Capsules of truCONTROL
  • 2 – 30 Capsule Boxes of reNU
  • 5 – 7 Day Trial Packs
  • 2 – 30 Capsule Boxes of reNU
Best Value

TRUFIX = Engineered with healthy, natural plant extracts,

truFIX™ benefits every system in the body. This 30 day supply benefits blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, maintains healthy liver function, and more!

REFORM = Experience TruVision Health’s reFORM™. A delicious passion fruit formula that combines nature’s most effective weight-loss ingredients in a convenient single-serve drink format. reFORM™ is designed to assist you by accelerating your weight-loss journey. Utilizing the proven active ingredients in

truCONTROL™, reFORM™ helps to curb your appetite while increasing energy. reFORM™ is synergistically formulated with components that support adrenal health, metabolic processes, and a variety of natural ingredients that are designed to combat weight gain and fatigue. TruVision’s reFORM™ is effective, delicious, and easy to share.

TRUCONTROL = Don’t spend your days on the sideline, it’s time to take CONTROL! Designed to spark your metabolism and revive your natural energy, truCONTROL™ gives you the accelerated edge you need to conquer your day from start to finish. Take back your life and enjoy every minute of it with TruVIsion Health’s top product, truCONTROL.

RENU = Vision Health has combine natures finest raw ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind detox product that is both gentle and effective. Focused on protecting and fortifying your bodies most important group of organs, reNU™ has been fine tuned to ensure that your digestive track keeps the good flora, while eliminating toxins that wreak havoc on your body. Enjoy this powerhouse product that will surely enhance your experience whether you are trying to lose weight or just keep your body free of the unwanted toxins that we are bombarded with every day.

REPLACE = protein/fiber smoothie that is packed with nutrients & probiotics to fuel your body. Produced from only the finest ingredients, rePLACE was created for people that want to kick those unhealthy foods to the curb and eat healthier. This amazing vanilla bean flavored formula is dairy, soy and whey free with zero trans fat. With 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber rePLACE is a full meal rePLACEMENT.

HEART & HYDRATION = is an excellent alternative beverage to today’s sugared, carbonated and stimulate-laden beverages. Proper hydration combined with electrolyte replenishment is also of paramount importance.

truSLUMBER= encourages a good night’s rest that will allow you to begin the new day with renewed focus and energy. This 30 day supply has no ingredients that may cause addiction or harmful side effects, you can rest easy with truSLUMBER

TRUSOOTHE = Combining nature’s all-star essential oils, this powerful blend will hit the spot. From peppermint to eucalyptus and all the magic in between you will love the immediate soothing results. Directions: Apply this muscle soothing crème to sore/stiff areas. Avoid applying to sensitive areas.

TRUFIX & WEIGTH GEN II = Whether you’re looking to shed those stubborn pounds, lose the body fat, or just feel more energized throughout the day without the jitters, this 30 day supply of truWEIGHT & ENERGY™ Gen2+ has you covered. With no special diet required, this low maintenance, multi purpose supplement may be just what you’ve been waiting for! This product is to be used with truFIX™ for enhanced results.

simplyCLEAN = is an all-purpose cleaner that is 100% bio degradable and non-toxic. Safe and easy to use, this sanitizing agent can be used on any kind of wall, counter top, appliance, cabinet, carpet, wood, or upholstery.

truELEVATE! = is designed to provide subtle, non-addictive energy without over-stimulating the cardiovascular system. Take truELEVATE with truFIX™ to help feel energized and manage excess inches. Switch up your routine by taking our delicious smoothie version of the truELEVATE! (COMES IN PILL OR CHOCOLATE SHAKE)

truFUEL = Lime is super whole food that is its own balanced meal! Loaded with 2 Pounds of protein, fibers, and omegas, this whole food is cleansing and rich in vitamins. Flavored with essential oils, getting your daily dose of nutrients never tasted so good! (COMES IN LIME OR VANILLA)

PURE BLEND OIL = bombarded with allergens and unwanted odors daily. It’s purifying properties make it an ideal oil to use around the home to create a clean, welcoming, and fragrant environment.

LEMON = can be used as a powerful cleansing agent to purify the air and surfaces throughout the home in a safe, non-toxic manner. LEMON is frequently added to food to enhance flavor. Taken internally, LEMON supports a healthy digestive tract and immune system.* When diffused, LEMON has shown to provide an uplifting and energizing environment.

GRAPEFRUIT = Brighten your day with the delicious invigorating scent of GRAPEFRUIT. GRAPEFRUIT provides mental clarity and an energizing aroma. GRAPEFRUIT is often used in skin care products for its ability to promote clear, healthy-looking skin. It has also been shown to support a healthy metabolism.

ORANGE = contains a variety of antioxidants and has been shown to help maintain overall health.* Diffusing ORANGE will enhance the mood, uplift the mind & body, and leave the room feeling fresh.

FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL = is a fast absorbing, ultra-moisturizing carrier oil that allows those with sensitive skin to use our essential oils topically, without irritation or negative interactions.

EUCALYPTUS = is most commonly diffused to promote clear breathing and ease of respiratory function. Often found in mouth rinses, Eucalyptus also carries powerful cleansing properties that work to freshen breath and promote oral health. When used topically, Eucalyptus Essential Oil can create a soothing massage experience and help to relieve sore muscles.

FRANKINCENSE = is recognized worldwide for everything from its delicious scent to its soothing and beautifying properties. Diffuse Frankincense to promote relaxation in a calming atmosphere. Applied topically, it promotes a boost in mood, ease of stress, and helps to rejuvenate the skin.

OREGANO = has a vast array of health and immune-boosting properties. It gives off a well-known herbaceous scent due to the fact that oregano is a member of the mint family. Oregano is commonly used as a cooking spice as it supports a healthy digestive tract. When diffused or applied topically, it releases cleansing properties and promotes healthy respiratory function. Due to its high potency, caution should be taken when diffusing, ingesting, or inhaling Oregano Essential Oil. In most cases, only one to two drops are needed. When applied to the skin, Oregano Essential Oil should be diluted with TruVision’s Fractionated Coconut Oil prior to application.*

LAVENDER = has been used for thousands of years to calm and relax both mind and body. It’s widely known as one of nature’s most versatile oils offering a wide array of aromatic, topical, and internal uses. This highly sought-after oil used for skin care, beauty, and natural cleaning products, can also be used to soothe cuts, bruises, and minor skin irritations.

PEPPERMINT = is a powerful and distinctive essential oil that immediately ignites the senses. Whether it is being used aromatically, topically, or internally it is known to relieve stress, freshen breath, and aid in digestive health. Once inhaled or consumed this familiar fresh oil goes right to work stimulating both mind and body.

TRUDEFENSE = This unique yet powerful blend includes oils that have been used for centuries as cleansing agents. Our truDEFENSE works to support a healthy immune system by protecting your body’s cells from damaging free radicals and promoting normal respiratory function. It is also a viable alternative to many household cleaners.

CLEAR DIFFUED BLEND = In a world facing constant environmental changes and pollution, just a few drops of CLEAR can get you on your way to easy breathing*. This remarkable blend helps cleanse your lungs and airways naturally, while simultaneously providing the body with rich antioxidants.
*Do Not Ingest

TRUDEFENSE STICK = truDEFENSE is an essential oil blend formulated for immune system support. This blend of five immunity-boosting essential oils offers you a natural and safe alternative to synthetic options. When carefully blended together, the essential oils of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary synergistically come together making the oils more powerful together than they are on their own.

CLEAR stick = is a convenient personal nasal inhaler, infused with our CLEAR Diffuser Blend of essential oils. It is designed to support healthy respiratory function on the go!

truMEND = It is a remarkable first aid balm that contains a powerful combination of natural ingredients for the skin! These natural ingredients provide a natural and effective alternative to chemical-laden first aid products for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bug bites and other skin irritations. In addition to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, the ingredients in truMEND also provide powerful antioxidants known to help slow aging of the skin. Use it as an eye cream, on wrinkles, and as a moisturizer

SIMPLY FRESH = This health-conscious deodorant was formulated to complement a healthy and active lifestyle with 100% natural ingredients that simply WORK! Scented with an enticing blend of bergamot and lime using only the purest essential oils available — you’ll stay smelling fresh all day — without any harmful chemicals! This product may also stimulate lymphatic flow for toxin release and improved immune function!

UBIQUINOL = • Highly Bioavailable Active form of CoQ10 • Healthy Energy Levels • Anti-oxidant • Athletic Recovery • Anti-aging Benefits MSM = • Supports Healthy Joints • Promotes General Healing & Cellular Repair • Improves Skin OMEGA 3 = • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure • General Cardiovascular Health • Improves Blood Chemistry
WOMEN’S COMPLETE VITAMIN = combinations of vitamins, minerals and herbs in COMPLETE have been carefully formulated to deliver a comprehensive supplement. They are crafted to address a broad spectrum of the body’s nutritional needs. Using this supplement establishes a solid base for keeping the body supplied with the essential elements it needs for optimal health.

MEN’S COMPLETE VITAMIN = combinations of vitamins, minerals and herbs in COMPLETE have been carefully formulated to deliver a comprehensive supplement. They are crafted to address a broad spectrum of the body’s nutritional needs. Using this supplement establishes a solid base for keeping the body supplied with the essential elements it needs for optimal health.

PYCNOGENOL = • Healthy Vascular Function • Balanced Immune Response • Supports Mental Clarity & Function • Potent Anti-oxidant

MSM POWDER = MSM that is sourced in North America. In it’s pure crystal form it has no added fillers, binders, excipients, artificial ingredients, or flow agents. It is a non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan product.

There are a number of vital body functions that MSM supports including the making of collagen, the main supportive protein of tendons, cartilage, connective tissue, and healthy bones. MSM is also a catalyst for healthy skin, hair, and nails. The body cannot provide MSM on its own; therefore, it must be obtained from a variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, poultry, and eggs.